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Confluence Charter Schools provides the highest quality public education for our students. Every day, students are engaged and encouraged to excel in reading, math, science, technology, visual arts and performing arts.

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covid19 confluence q&a session

COVID-19 Delta Variant & Vaccines Q & A Session

Confluence Academies would like to share a COVID-19 Delta Variant and vaccines informational session. This is a 20 minute Q&A session to answer any questions or concerns. We want our families and communities to stay safe and healthy!
Old North Academy COVID-19 pandemic

What Makes Old North Academy Unique?

A second grade teacher and parent shares experience their experience of what makes Old North Academy so unique and what it was like to learn and teach through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We invite you to take a tour of our schools and visit with our enrollment team to learn more about all that Confluence has to offer.