Coat Giveaway Serves 1,000 Students

Confluence Family day was a huge success. Parents and scholars were able to shop together and receive a brand-new winter coat, hoodie, or jacket, physicals, dance, listen to music and enjoy breakfast or lunch from Chartwells. It was a one stop shop. We are so grateful to our donors as this event supported many of our families in making sure they stay warm this winter. 

"My favorite moment of the day would be when two of our Confluence scholars came up who were sisters, and they were smiling from ear to ear after both picking out their favorite winter coat that happened to be the same one. I quoted to them that great minds think alike and that they will both look absolutely gorgeous in their coats. They both laughed and then smiled with gratitude." - Dr. Leslie Muhammad

The highlight of everyone's day was seeing families' infectious smiles when they picked out just the right coat for themselves.