10 Things to Do, Winter Break Style

10 Things to Do - Winter Break Style

  1. Read Every Day - Read at least 20 minutes every day to build your stamina and become a better scholar.

  2. Review Math Facts Every Day - Review your math facts to improve your understanding and knowledge.

  3. Write - Write your thoughts in a journal; make a list of books you want to read; use your imagination to write your own stories.

  4. Research Colleges - What majors are offered? What does it take to get accepted? Are scholarships available? How much is tuition?

  5. Research Careers - What careers interest you? What do you need to study in school? Can you earn a good living? Where are the jobs?

  6. Volunteer for Community Service - Give your time and talent to your community by serving others.

  7. Set Goals for Second Semester - Be on time for school; be on time for every class; improve study habits; get better grades; be prepared, etc.

  8. Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

  9. Discover something about yourself.