#DropTheSuit – Confluence family joins MCPSA motion to intervene

On Tuesday, May 31, two families joined with the Missouri Charter Public Schools Association and its attorneys in an effort to get Saint Louis Public Schools to drop its legal action to reclaim more than $42 million from the state. The MCPSA motion to intervene is meant to give a voice to charter school families in federal court.

The Ross family, who have children enrolled at Confluence Academy-Old North, shared their story of school choice and the reasons they picked a charter school. The other family involved has children enrolled in public charter schools. By joining the motion to intervene, the families are showing support for charter schools and the need for equitable funding. To keep you informed, we are sharing links to articles that have been published since May 31, 2016.

May 31, 2016 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Charter school parents move to intervene in lawsuit that threatens their schools

May 31, 2016 - St. Louis Public Radio
Two charter-school parents seek to join lawsuit that could disrupt funding for their schools

June 2, 2016 - St. Louis American
Charter school parents try to join deseg suit


If you’ll recall, on April 11, 2016, SLPS and its Special Administrative Board filed a motion against the state saying that since 2006, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has overpaid public charter schools in St. Louis. The money is revenue from a desegregation sales tax that was passed in 1999. SLPS wants the state to stop supporting public charter schools with the desegregation tax funds in the future, and they estimate that nearly $8.8 million was paid in 2015-2016 to charter schools, which brings the estimated amount to $50 million.

Parents and supporters of public charter schools are encouraged to stay informed and to share their concerns with Saint Louis Public Schools and the Special Administrative Board.

For a full list of ways you can voice your concern, check the Missouri Charter Public Schools Association website