2016 APR scores increase accreditation status for Confluence Charter Schools

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released its Annual Performance Reports for public schools, which includes public charter schools. The reports are used to show how well school districts are meeting education standards in the state under its accountability system, the Missouri School Improvement Program 5.                                    

Confluence Academy, as a local education agency, earned provisional accreditation status. A score of 54.6 percent is an improvement from the 2015 score of 43.2 percent, unaccredited.

Aspire Academy, Confluence Academy-Old North, Confluence Academy-South City and Confluence Preparatory Academy earned provisional accreditation. In 2015, three of the four schools were provisionally accredited; this year, CPA improved to provisional status.

Grand Center Arts Academy, as a local education agency, earned accredited status. The score of 77.1 percent is less than the 2015 of 84.3 percent, yet GCAA remains accredited.

Although charter schools do not legally fall under the accreditation process by DESE, the state does include charter schools in annual accreditation comparisons. Charter schools are public schools that are independent, open to all students and tuition-free. Charter schools have the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for improving student achievement. The schools operate under a legal agreement with a sponsor, such as a college or university. If the school doesn’t meet the performance requirements of the contract, changes are made at the school level or the school is closed. There are 68 charter schools in Missouri educating more than 20,000 students in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Schools and school districts earn a percentage of points based on a series of levels. The range of points earned determines a school’s accreditation level. There are five standards for APR for K-12 districts: Academic Achievement, Subgroup Achievement (free and reduced lunch, African American and Hispanic students, English Language Learners and students with disabilities), College and Career Readiness, Attendance and Graduation Rate.

Overall APR Results for Confluence Charter Schools, 2016

Confluence LEA                                           APR – 54.6%, Provisional
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Confluence Academy-Old North                 APR – 67.1%, Provisional

Confluence Academy-South City                APR – 60.7%, Provisional

Aspire Academy                                            APR – 64.3%, Provisional

Confluence Preparatory Academy              APR – 58.9%, Provisional

Grand Center Arts Academy LEA                APR – 77.1%, Accredited
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APR results for individual schools, per DESE, and a fact sheet for Confluence Charter Schools are below: