MCPSA statement on Confluence Academy charter renewal, Feb. 27, 2017

Missouri Charter Public School Association released a statement to address concerns and questions about the charter renewal for Confluence Charter Schools.
On February 21, 2017, Confluence leaders and its sponsor, University of Missouri-Columbia, went before the state board of education to get approval for a five-year renewal of the charter. While it wasn't easy, the state board voted its approval.
MCPSA has taken time to explain some differences between charter public schools and traditional schools, including why some charter schools are closed for lack of performance and other reasons. In the case of Confluence Charter Schools, the association is giving greater insight as to why closure is not an appropriate action.
The statement by MCPSA is not meant to imply that our schools are closing, but is meant to be informational and supportive of the decision to renew the charter agreement to allow Confluence to continue to be an educational choice for students and families in the city of St. Louis.
Please understand that Confluence Charter Schools will be open and is accepting applications for new students for 2017-2018. For details on enrollment and how to apply, see details on our Enrollment page.
You can read MCPSA's statement on their website - Source: Missouri Charter Public Schools Association