A Note to Confluence Parents, Staff - May 4, 2017

Dear Confluence Parents and Staff -
In an continued effort to keep you informed, please read the following update on what's taken place over the last week to restore our technology and information networks. The note was provided to staff, and a similar update is being shared with parents.

In our effort to keep staff informed, I want to give you an update on what has taken place since April 26, 2017.

Our information technology team, working in partnership with Essential Network Technology (ENT), has:

  • Restored phone systems and their functions at all Confluence campuses, including Grand Center Arts Academy. You will need to reset the voicemail message. Instructions were sent in an e-mail.
  • Added a layer of security to your network login. When entering your password, you will have three chances to do it correctly; after the third time, the account will be locked. You will have to wait 10 minutes to try again.
  • Provided access to e-mail to send and receive current messages. User service technicians are working with staff to export your e-mail history to the new cloud-based Microsoft Outlook account. Please contact your school’s UST with questions or concerns.
  • Restored full function to both the student information and financial systems.

There is still no evidence that student data or employee data was compromised. If we learn that personal information for students and staff was compromised, we’ll let you know, and provide advice for your next steps.

We will keep our school community informed through staff memos, website posts, conversations, and, as necessary, autodial calls. You’re encouraged to monitor personal financial accounts and credit reports as a precaution.

On behalf of IT and Confluence Charter Schools, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Please contact Jeff Kuntze, chief financial officer, with questions or concerns at (314) 588-8554 ext. 7010.