Thank you! Five and 10-year staff recognized by Confluence Charter Schools

At the annual Welcome Celebration to kick off the start of a new school year, held August 9, 2017, Confluence Charter Schools recognized staff who have worked for the public charter school network for five and 10 years. Staff received awards to commemorate their dedication to the work and the mission of Confluence Charter Schools.

Five Years

Travis Armknecht, English, Grand Center Arts Academy
Kim Barber, staff accountant, Resource Office
Theresa Bates, reading, Confluence Academy-South City
Robert Battle, business marketing, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Nicki Beier, dance and physical education, Grand Center Arts Academy
Donna Black, Title I math, Grand Center Arts Academy
Roger Brock, assistant principal, Confluence Academy-South City
Kenneth Brooks, security officer, Confluence Academy-South City
Haley Brueck, English, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Tonia Burrow, tutor, Aspire Academy*
Rod Cable, guidance counselor, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Vickie Chapman, administrative assistant, Aspire Academy*
Megan Clayton, visual arts, Grand Center Arts Academy
Deidrea Davis, communication arts, Aspire Academy*
Rahkia Davis, first grade, Aspire Academy*
Marcy Dotson, instructional technology coordinator, Resource Office
Shaire Duncan, instructional coach, Confluence Preparatory Academy
LaVonda Felton, business education, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Brandi Greenhaw, kindergarten, Confluence Academy-South City
Rebecca Irving, lower academy principal, Grand Center Arts Academy
Shelby Johnson, third grade, Aspire Academy*
Dr. Phil Kennedy, director of academics, Resource Office
Yvette King, permanent building substitute, Confluence Academy-South City
Sikina Lee, administrative assistant, Grand Center Arts Academy
Robin Luster, office manager, Confluence Academy-Old North
Beverly Menkhus, special education, Confluence Academy-South City
Malissa Montgomery, administrative assistant, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Joann Nolte, special education, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Rachel Otten, payroll and benefits manager, Resource Office
Andria Porch, alternative teacher, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Denise Pranger, communication arts, Grand Center Arts Academy
Angela Prebianca, activities director/physical education, Confluence Preparatory  Academy
Kristoffer Quint, instructional coach, Confluence Academy-South City
Arionna Ralleigh, reading coach, Confluence Academy-Old North
Nez Savala, director of public relations, Resource Office
Corey Scott, tutor, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Phyllis Shelby, study hall monitor, Grand Center Arts Academy
Ava Smith, English, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Stephany Smith, instructional coach, Aspire Academy*
David Spiguzza, art, Grand Center Arts Academy
Tracy Stumpf, special education, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Amy Thompson, Title I teacher, Confluence Academy-South City
Debbie Wade-Wilson, nurse, Confluence Preparatory Academy
Allison Webster, fourth grade, Confluence Academy-South City


Ten Years

            Jonathan Abbott, dean of students, Aspire Academy*
            Ronnie Banks, physical education, Confluence Academy-South City
            Anna Collier-Moore, fourth grade, Aspire Academy*
            Dion Edwards, director of human resources, Resource Office
            Rene Hughes, site business manager, Resource Office
            Jennifer Luker, social studies, Confluence Preparatory Academy
            Leslie Muhammad, coordinator of student services, Resource Office
            Deanna Noseff, kindergarten, Confluence Academy-South City
            Jennifer Susa, fourth grade, Confluence Academy-Old North
            Eloisa Valencia, administrative assistant, Confluence Academy-South City
            Karen Walker, pre-kindergarten, Aspire Academy*

*Aspire Academy was previously known as Confluence Academy-Walnut Park. Aspire Academy is a Confluence Charter School.


To see more of our staff honorees, check out the photos on our website.