Highlights from Our Professional Development Day Celebrating Teachers

Part of our strategic plan is to focus on teacher recruitment, retention and reward. During our April 13, Professional Development Day, we specifically focused on teacher reward. The day included performances by GCAA's Treble Choir, Aspire's RISE Dancers, and the Aspire Academy Elite Step Team. 
The main portion of the morning was focused on the award show. First, we recognized all the wonderful teachers that have been with us for five years, then the ones who have been with us for 10 years. Finally, we honored Brad Slinkard, who has been with Confluence for 15 years.
As part of the ceremony, we had some awards that celebrated the spirit and determination of our staff. This included the Techie Awards, the Dilly Dilly Award, the Rookie of the Year Award, and the Cheerleader Award. The two biggest awards of the day were Building Support Staff of the Year and Educator of the Year.
We announced all the building level Support Staff of the Year winners and invited them to the stage. The winners were: Melissa Sasser (GCAA), Erica Threnn (South City), Lakisha Martin (Old North), Hannah Johnson (Aspire), and Linda Walker (CPA/Elite). They received a gift bag and took a picture with our CEO, Dr. Carter-Oliver. Then we announced the network level winner. Congratulations, Lakisha Martin!
For the Educators of the year we played a video that had been created for each teacher. The winners were: Jennifer Susa (Old North), VaNetta Clark (Aspire Academy), Rob Greenhaw, (South City), Damika Day (Elite Academy), Jennifer Luker (CPA), Denise Pranger (GCAA lower), and Caitlin Munguia (GCAA upper). Similar to the Support Staff winners, each winner got a gift bag and took a picture with the CEO. Then we announced the winner of our Network Educator of the Year, but the votes were so close that we ended up with a tie. Congratulations, Jennifer Luker and Denise Pranger!
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